Why the White Lies?

Why the White Lies?

I can’t think of a time where Trump has actually communicated a clear thought in any of his press conferences. It seems like when he doesn’t know what to say he just says tremendous, good, great, huge and repeats himself twice. He drives me up the wall to listen to. I mean he’s so off the cuff, today he said Pavarati was a good friend, a very good friend and he’s been dead for 10 years. What are you supposed to do with that? First of all, what is that adding to the message you’re trying to deliver? What are you supposed to do with a president that is so off the cuff and so full of lies? I don’t even know where to start. I just feel so disheartened by the show tonight. I guess the thing that makes me the most concerned about this Pavarati situation is that I am very concerned that the person who holds the highest office in our country is such an accomplished pathological liar. I don’t know if the word is accomplished or it’s such an ingrained behavior that lies are just so off the cuff and rolls of the tongue so easy that his brain can’t do anything else except make things up.

How dangerous are people that spread conspiracy theories? How dangerous is a world that a fact is debatable? What can be done about people who spout lies and propagate conspiracy theories? How does money play into all of it? How do we change society? It seems hopeless.


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