First 100 Days

First 100 Days

The 100 Day mark in the presidency may very well be a totally arbitrary line, but it does seem like a measurable that is widely accepted among politicians and journalists. Trump during his campaign made a huge deal about how much he would accomplish in the first 100 days. He constantly talked about how much immediate change his 100 day plan would do. Throughout the campaign the 100 day mark was anything but arbitrary for him. As we approach the 100 day mark, he his backpedaling calling it a ridiculous standard. I honestly think that he believes his first 100 days aren’t going well. If he believed that he was crushing it his tweets would look remarkably different I’m sure. He’s preparing for the windfall of comparisons to other administrations that have outperformed him. He has passed no new legislation and the majority of his executive orders don’t actually mean anything. Some call for reviews of current regulations, one was for immediate construction of the wall, 2 were for immigration ban, one was a freeze on government employee hires and a plethora of other meaningless or unconstitutional orders. The only ones that hold some weight will actually affect us adversely. For example, rollbacks on environmental protections like pouring coal ash into streams. “Vote for Trump! He’s the guy that will finally get the ash into the drinking water!” said nobody ever.

I’m new to politics. I realized something yesterday that seems like a big problem for people who are new to politics. What does it mean to be a Democrat? What is the overall message? What are the core values? Nancy Pelosi was asked on Meet The Press yesterday what it means to be a Democrat and she didn’t give a clear answer. How do you move the needle if you can’t answer that question in a clear 2-3 sentences? It seems like Trump was able to paint a clear picture of what being Republican means to him and that resonated with people. What is the picture for Democrats? If we can’t answer the question in a way the casual passerby can repeat we’re losing the battle.

It seems neither are guided by principles they hold dear. No core values that help them make big decisions that affect the country and the world. How am I to support them when I don’t know what their end goal is? It’s like asking your kids to trust your judgement while your constantly changing your mind. You must have tangible goals they can grasp. Integrity, be honest and trustworthy. Inclusiveness, understand that we all walk different paths and respect others views. Compassion, acknowledge that people can be victims of their circumstances and can use a helping hand. Team oriented, other people’s success matters. Justice, everyone deserves equal and fair treatment, be willing to stand up for what is right. My kids will be able to run through the moral compass I hope to instill in them to help guide their decisions. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of the people who act on behalf of the US to have a very clear moral code. I ask again, What does it mean to be a Democrat? We should figure it out.


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