Deep Seated Fears

Deep Seated Fears

I think one of the things driving this low-info nationalistic movement is that rural white America fears no longer being the majority. What does it mean if white people are no longer the majority? How does that change culture? How does that change the feeling of being the most important or privileged? I think this deep seated fear coupled with job losses in coal/manufacturing and a misguided view on globalization has lead a huge population into an isolation populist wave. I can understand why someone might feel betrayed or left behind by a diversifying government/country when it appears to be sending your jobs abroad and immigrants continue to be a focus of the national conversation. Trump was able to pinpoint this issue with the help of Steve Bannon and decided to solve the problem for these Americans by building a wall, touting Muslims bans and extreme vetting. He propagated the lie that coal and manufacturing jobs can be restored without addressing the fact that a big reason these jobs get eliminated is merely because of tech improvements. He painted a picture that directly addressed ingrained fears and aversions in rural America. Democrats haven’t even begun to acknowledge this side of the problem. Is there a more positive picture to paint that also addresses this major problem for people? Is there a clear message that can be communicated concisely to people who distrust the government? Or is it just too late? Trump has energized a portion of the population that is hard to reach. I bet it’s even harder to change their minds. Maybe only Trump can do that.


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