Who Speaks for the Stay-At-Home Mom

Who Speaks for the Stay-At-Home Mom

I was watching the Disney channel today with my kids when a commercial came up encouraging girls to dream big and become astronauts, teachers, politicians and what have you. I got to thinking about this big feminist movement right now. The movement seems solely for the working woman. This is another reason I think that it’s so easy for me to feel insignificant in my role as a stay at home mom. Society views non working women as less than working women. It’s not that, it’s like non working women don’t even get referred to so there isn’t really a true comparison. So many times I’ve been asked what I do for a living and I respond with, ‘I’m just a stay at home mom.’ Even I sell myself short. More often than not there’s no follow up questions or the conversation changes to something else. I feel disconnected from society, but society doesn’t have a place for me anyway. It made me angry when Trump lumped me into his unemployment stats during his first address to Congress. I mean, coal miners get more publicity than stay at home parents! I’m not a job seeker. I’m not an oppressed woman that is forced into a traditional role. I stay home by choice. I stay home because I want to raise my kids. I stay at home because my autistic son needs me. Does that make me weak? Am I a woman that isn’t powerful? Why is the workplace the only measurable for a person’s impact? Ivanka is applauded for being a working mom and Melania is criticized for choosing motherhood over first lady. How can women at home empower themselves? What conversation do we need to have to feel able to stand tall and be respected for the true sacrifice we make day in and out? I wish I had the answer. I’m afraid there’s no answer because it’s a question that doesn’t get asked.


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