Global Warming

Global Warming

US pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord today. The president spoke about the US being treated unfairly. He spoke about how some countries get to build coal mines and we don’t. How unfair! By the way, the Accord doesn’t mention coal at all. The obsession with coal blows my mind. Besides the fact that this is bad for the climate, I also think it is bad for America to step back from a position of global leadership. We step away from a situation when we should be leading the pack. The world is going green and now there is great risk of the US being left behind all because this administration can’t leave the 1980s business playbook where it belongs, in the past. China will undoubtedly step into the leadership role which will have a hand in the already diminishing influence the US has on the global stage. I haven’t even touched on the fact that the US is the biggest greenhouse gas contributor! With only 4% of the total globes population living here we are able to put up ⅓ of the world’s total carbon emissions. And then we walk away and make it everyone else’s problem because of the “unfair” costs. Not only is the US the biggest contributor, we are also the wealthiest nation with the strongest economy so it makes perfect sense to me that we should invest, and lead the charge, in the world’s efforts to stop global warming.


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