Save the ACA

Save the ACA

I am afraid that the Senate Healthcare bill is going to pass. I have a son with autism. His treatment costs about $80,000 a year. Under the new bill, insurance companies would no longer be required to cover mental health issues. I’m afraid that cutting ABA therapy for autistic kids would be a no brainer for companies because the cost for treatment is so expensive and can go on for years. I’m afraid that Oliver, and other kids like him, would no longer receive the care and early intervention therapies needed to set them up for success due to the overwhelming cost of the necessary treatment. I’ve seen huge improvements in Oliver’s coping skills since starting the treatment. It is undeniable that the ABA therapy is handing him the tools that he needs to be as high functioning as he can possibly be. The Affordable Care Act requires that all insurance plans must offer coverage for autism, all autism screenings, testing and ongoing therapies. The danger of removing this requirement poses is just monumental. If we allow these requirements to be eliminated, we are ripping away hope from the many mothers of special needs children that fight day in and day out for their children. We force families to make tough decisions about whether or not to pay for the therapies or pay the mortgage. That is not a choice any mother to have to grapple with. I want to continue to focus on the mental health of both my children and in order to do that I must retain adequate health insurance. The best thing we can to do to ensure adequate insurance is available to all is to call your Senator to oppose the healthcare bill. They can do better than this and we must hold the government accountable.


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