What’s Happening

What’s Happening

I was reading 1984 and I got to thinking about how in the world I am going to help my sons navigate information in today’s society. It seems like we live in a time that facts are up for debate. There are totally different realities one can live in and it seems very correlated to what kind of media one consumes. Do these different realities affect our day to day lives or does it just spray out in politics? I hate the idea of my boys growing up with the idea that all establishments are corrupt and anyone that holds any type of power has some other selfish agenda at play. I believe that the majority of people are good people trying their best. Isn’t this true of people that hold public office? Have things become so complicated that we cannot address real problems about society because of the political backlash one suffers from one side or another? It seems to me like an ever growing problem. It is weighing on my mind a bit more lately.


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