Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground

How do you find common ground on guns in an environment that is so polarized? On one side you’ve got the students of Parkland holding down the left and you have the NRA holding down the right. Both sides are equally passionate about the issue. Here’s some ideas being floated out there that I believe both sides can find footing together.

  1. Universal background checks on all gun purchases, trade show and online. Recent polls have shown that 97% of the public agree on this.
  2. Repeal Dickey Amendment. This law prevents the CDC from studying guns with respect to public safety. The studies that the CDC conducts are done scientifically and are not swayed by one side or the other. It is pure data collection. They would then be able to give real recommend solutions based on facts.

I think these are great steps to take initially. The first step to solving a problem is understanding the problem. The repeal of the Dickey amendment is absolutely critical in understanding the gun violence problem. What we are doing now is throwing anecdotal examples at one another to prove our own point. Studies that are conducted right now can be deeply partisan. The credibility of partisan studies are questionable because there is motive behind the findings. You can find countless studies, articles and examples ‘proving’ both sides rendering our debates fruitless. The CDC’s primary function and motive is to create a society that is as safe as possible. The results would have no talking points or emotions, just scientifically backed data. Only then would we be able to have a meaningful solution. In the meantime, I think states should look at their local laws and adjust them according to their constituents and patiently wait for the CDC’s results. At that point we can have a truly productive conversation about what can be done nationally about guns. There is always something we can find in common. It’s just about how we talk to each other.


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