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Concentration Camps Exist in America

AOC has recently taken a lot of heat after calling the detention centers at the border concentration camps.  Critics from both sides of the...

I’m a Democrat. Here’s Why

Some call these ideas radical. I say it's what America is supposed to be.

What’s All the Fuss About Anyway?

I keep hearing the same questions lately about the family separations at the border. Why so much energy now? Didn’t Obama do the same...

The Whistleblower Story: What is going on?

This whistleblower story has captured my full attention and my curiosity like no story since Jeffery Epstein.  Here are just a few details: A...

BMRS Debate Breakdown with Blacksite Pod

Debate and Racism Apocalypse Special! GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE! Blacksite Podcast loves you. Donald Trump says many more racist things. The Democrats Debate. And in local...

Medicare-for-All Would Help Reduce Gun Violence

Here it is, the gun debate.  I put guns and abortion in the same political category for two reasons.  1) People are so entrenched...

He’s Going Down Swinging

The debate is over. Trump is a racist.  ‘Go back to your country’ is a racist statement.  There is no way to argue otherwise. ...

Trump vs. LGBTQ


Time to Impeach

Put politics aside and do the right thing.

Celebrate, Honor, Remember. Happy Memorial Day!


Abortion: It’s Actually Pretty Basic

Here we go. The inevitable abortion debate is in full swing again due to the fact that Alabama passed the most strict restrictions on...

Don’t Feed the Trolls

Part of what makes pushing for change hard are the people that push back.