He’s Going Down Swinging

The debate is over. Trump is a racist.  ‘Go back to your country’ is a racist statement.  There is no way to argue otherwise.  Although I am shocked, these tweets aren’t surprising.  He says racist stuff all the time.  The difference here is bluntness.  No sugar coating, no way to misinterpret.  The tweet is so explicitly racist that any CEO would lose their job in 10 seconds over it yet he remains the leader of the free world.

Why did he do it?

The timing here seems extremely suspicious to me for a couple of reasons.  Sure, Fox News ran a few segments about ‘The Squad’ roughly 20 minutes before the tweet storm, but they run segments about them daily.  That couldn’t have been the only factor in my view.

The Democratic squabble between Pelosi and AOC has been headline news which is great for him.  He could have just sat back and let the media run with it. He could have said the party is imploding, called a few names while still making these 4 congresswomen the face of the party.

Instead, he made statements so obviously racist it bumped all other stories to page two.  The White House manufacturing event turned into a circus as he escalated his attacks on these women.  All this gives the Democratic caucus a chance to put their dirty laundry back inside and stand united.  So I ask again, why would he do this? 

Trump is the King of Distraction 

He had to have known the kind of blow back he would receive which might actually be the point.  I think it’s no coincidence Trump did this just days before the bail hearing for Jeffrey Epstein.  He threw a shiny object in the opposite direction so the details of this case wouldn’t lead the hours of every cable news channel. 

His connection to this case is inevitable which might actually be his undoing.  I predict he is going to say a bunch of heinous things to keep the people off his scent.  Because after all, being a racist is a lot more acceptable than being a child rapist.

Thursday is Epstein’s bail hearing.  I expect this week will be particularly painful for many in this country as we watch this president go down swinging. 

Twitter Probs

I started following Trump on Twitter last year because I was curious how many times he tweets compared to how many times his tweets make news. At first I was shocked at the volume, but now I rarely stop to open a tweet from him. One of the main reasons is because he lies a lot in them. He lies or he is misleading or he’s name calling. He quotes Fox and Friends and talks crap on other media outlets. He never misses an opportunity to disparage our government institutions. That is why I was shocked when a dear friend texted and said their favorite thing about Trump is the fact that he uses Twitter. He said he bypasses the media therefore we get all the facts directly from him. That would be great if Trump wasn’t constantly lying. I’ll put the bullying aside and just focus on the ‘facts’ that Trump dropped today in one of his tweets.

“Looks like Jerry Brown and California are not looking for safety and security along their very porous Border. He cannot come to terms for the National Guard to patrol and protect the Border. The high crime rate will only get higher. Much wanted Wall in San Diego already started!”

Now, right off the bat, saying the Governor of California is not looking for safety and security seems wrong. Gut feeling maybe. Jerry Brown has already committed 400 troops to the effort of combating transnational crime. He currently has 250 troops working on this, 55 of them at the border. The number of troops being sent to the border is still being discussed at the Department of Homeland Security. Brown is working with all appropriate departments to get the troops down there and is currently waiting for a written confirmation from Washington.

So, he has agreed to sending troops to the border, the number is still being determined. As for the border wall in San Diego, I assume he’s referring to the Calexico project that has been planned since 2009 and has nothing to do with his border wall. The omnibus bill he signed in March allocated $1.6 billion for border security, but not on construction of a wall. So, this tweet is misleading on every level. Fox and Friends aired a segment on Gov Jerry Brown this morning in the 6am hour so it makes sense that Trump tweeted about this at 6:24am.